Step 1: Complete New Patient Forms

All new patients must complete our new member forms.Drs. Taylor Jacobs and Garrett Wilder will also use this information to help create a customized plan, unique to you and your needs.

Why do we need this information? – This helps us gain a thorough understanding of your healthcare history, past injuries, and other factors that may be contributing to your current state of health. 

Step 2: Tour the Office

At your first visit, we’ll take you on a quick tour of our offices. Through this brief exploration, we’ll explain what we do, the process of chiropractic care, and the techniques and tools we incorporate in our specific practice and why. Throughout the tour, feel free to ask any questions or bring up any concerns you might have. We are more than happy to help put your mind at ease.

Step 3: Consultation

Post-tour, you will undergo a one-on-one healthcare consultation with one of our team members. During this consult, we’ll discuss your concerns, symptoms, goals, and pain. This discussion will further help us determine the best treatment for you. 

Step 4: Paving Your Road Toward Health

Based on the information gathered, we may recommend a blood or stool panel to be done at a lab nearby. Using this information along with your health history we will create a protocol specifically for you, if any supplements are recommended based on your concerns and goals, we will recommend them and have our most trusted brands available in house or delivered to your door.

At Chiropractic House, we are dedicated to improving the health of the entire Overland Park, KS community. No matter your goals, we are here to help you work toward them, getting you back on track with your health.