Chiropractic Care for

Auto Accidents

Car accidents aren’t just traumatic psychological experiences. They also can lead to serious health concerns and injuries, impacting you and your life for years down the line.


The impact of one vehicle colliding with another deploys various forces, impacting the cars themselves and the occupants inside. The absorption of this force can lead to various injuries involving the muscles, soft tissues, and joints of the body.

While many people choose to ignore these lingering effects, chiropractic care can offer a solution to your aches and pains, helping your body overcome damage from a recent or past car accident. At Chiropractic House, we are here to help. Continue reading below for more information about how chiropractic car can help you recover from injuries and pain after an auto accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most well-known and common injuries experienced in an automobile acccident. This injury occurs when the neck experiences a forceful and rapid back-and-forth movement. However, whiplash is often misunderstood and under-treated.

If you were sent to the ER after your car accident, without broken bones, lacerations, or other serious and obvious injuries, you were most likely told to give yourself a couple of weeks or a month and you’ll recover just fine. You may even receive a prescription or two for medications to help with the pain.

Unfortunately, this often means individuals don’t seek out the help they need, leaving injuries, such as whiplash, to fester. This can lead to neck pain for years down the line, interfering with a person’s daily life and quality of life. At the same time, treatment greatly varies depending on when the accident occurred. For instance, treatment looks very different for someone who experienced a recent car accident versus someone who experienced a car accident five years ago.


panoramic shot of chiropractor massaging neck of man on grey

With whiplash, the force exerted on the body can lead to misaligned vertebrae, as well as increased tension in the muscles and joints in and around the neck. When left untreated, this can escalate, causing more serious issues involving the joints and discs in the spine and potentially even causing arthritis.

Whiplash might not even cause pain initially. With a car accident, the body pumps out adrenalin, leaving a lot of people actually feeling no pain or soreness right afterward. Over the next hours or days, pain and stiffness may gradually increase, leading to difficulties performing your daily activities. However, visiting a chiropractor during these initial days and weeks can help you achieve the best outcome and avoid lingering chronic pain.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accidents

After a car accident, it’s crucial to care for your body properly and seek out early diagnosis of injuries, including whiplash, which can be easily missed by emergency care personnel. A chiropractor can diagnose and correct any spinal misalignments, such as those associated with whiplash, ensuring you don’t experience future pain or problems. From there, you can focus on recovery from the psychological impact of the accident, as well as moving past it and forward with your life and health.

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