Why Choose

Principled Chiropractic?

Chiropractic House believes in addressing the root cause of individuals’ health issues and treating the body as a whole entity.

Using principled chiropractic care, the Chiropractic House team provides non-invasive and holistic options for healing and recovery.

When it comes down to it, your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and muscle in your entire body. This means that misalignments in the spine can impact various systems and functions, leading to pain, illness, and discomforts. When these misalignments are corrected, your nervous system can function as it should, leading to improved health outcomes and allowing you to live your best life.

What is Principled Chiropractic?

Principled chiropractic care isn’t just about healing the body through the correction of spinal misalignments. It’s also about maintaining and preserving future and lifelong health and well-being. This means our goal isn’t merely to help you become symptom-free. The Chiropractic House team strives to enhance you entire body’s function, so that you can lead a vibrant and agile life.

While many chiropractic methods provide temporary relief, true principled chiropractic care delivers lifelong benefits. It addresses underlying issues, ensuring they don’t become bigger problems than they need to down the road.

At Chiropractic House, Drs. Taylor Jacobs and Garrett Wilder don’t believe in the reactionary healthcare model. In fact, Chiropractic House in Overland Park, KS encourages regular preventative care, which allows you to avoid sickness and pain and continue leading the life you want.

Similarly to how you wouldn’t wait until you have a layer of dirt on your skin to shower, you don’t need to wait until you’re in pain to experience the advantages of chiropractic care. Tackle underlying issues before they bubble to the surface. Focus on routine maintenance, including principled chiropractic care as part of your regular health and wellness regime.

The principled chiropractic care model

At Chiropractic House, we analyze, observe, and correct spinal misalignments, eliminating disruptions and interferences within the nervous system and delivering long-lasting results.

What is Neurologically-Based Chiropractic?

Neurologically-based chiropractic care incorporates principled chiropractic care to diagnose and treat the root cause of illness and pain. Simply put, reacting after illness or pain has already occurred takes away time and enjoyment from a person’s life. On top of this, reactionary healthcare only tends to treat the symptoms, rather than the root cause itself.

At Chiropractic House, our goal is to figure out exactly why pain and illness is happening in the first place. For example, trauma to the neck can lead to shoulder issues, ribcage problems, and even pelvis pain. While the traditional healthcare model would look at the person’s shoulder pain or ribcage problems separately, the principled chiropractic care model narrows in on the underlining cause of the problem. In this case, the Chiropractic House team would treat any neck misalignments, which would move everything else back into its rightful place.

Science-Backed Chiropractic

At Chiropractic House, our team only uses proven and scientifically-backed techniques to address our patients’ compliants. Ultimately, each patient’s health and safety is a priority in our minds. We want nothing more than to see each patient of ours experience improved health and wellness.

If you’re ready to discover how chiropractic care can help you, book your appointment with the Chiropractic House team today. We can’t wait to be your local go-to Overland Park Chiropractor!

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