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Chiropractic House believes in addressing the root cause of individuals’ health issues and treating the body as a whole entity. Using principled chiropractic care, the Chiropractic House team provides non-invasive and holistic options for healing and recovery.

At Chiropractic House, we analyze, observe, and correct spinal misalignments, eliminating disruptions and interferences within the nervous system and delivering long-lasting results.

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Chiropractic care is safe, gentle, and effective for all ages – from newborns to seniors.
Wherever you are in your healing journey, Drs. Taylor Jacobs and Garrett Wilder can provide you with more than just pain relief, but can also help you reach your innate potential.

About Us

Chiropractic House is the manifestation of our dream to bring a balanced, holistic lifestyle to our Overland Park community.

We are so much more than just treating symptoms. Our approach targets and resolves issues before they arise, resulting in a better, stronger, healthier you – from the inside out.

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You don’t need to wait for pain or illness to happen. We encourage you to take on a proactive approach when it comes to your health, and book your chiropractic appointment today. That way, you can eliminate problems before they become problems. The Chiropractic House team can’t wait to meet you, and become your go-to Overland Park chiropractors!

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